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    Our services are diversified and each one has its standalone significance, not overshadowing the other. Our services include; Embedded Systems, Internet of Things, Software Development, Real-Time AI, Computer Vision, UI/UX, Product Development. In addition, You can have customized services from us, based upon your requisites and feasibility.

    Embedded Systems

    Embedded system lies at the heart of every tech product development. We are a team of experts striving for excellence. We aim to add our part to what the future holds for all of us. Octathorn provides executive embedded system services, having a wide range of applications to it and promising results. Take us on board and have a customized embedded system for your company, enterprise, industry, project, or business idea.

    Product Development

    Product development refers to giving practicality to your abstract ideas. This particular niche is in need of an hour for all. Whether you are a student or a businessman; there is always room for product development. Product development is intended to solve a certain problem and fulfill particular needs and lag. We have years of on-hands experience in it and have developed many exemplary products for our clients. Take us on board and have one for yourself, parallel to your requirements

    Software Development

    Software development is one single term, which portrays whole advancements we had experienced, are seeing now, and would be familiar with in the future. This holds great significance in digital automation for all tech streams across the globe. Under this roof, millions of mechanization have been successfully deployed by now. HASH’s main focus is to make software development more interactive and innovative. We have a whole working plan ready for you, where we would take your ideas from scratch and would give them phenomenal interpretations and execution.


    User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) hold distinctive importance in the market, for on these, a massive audience is dependent. We provide you with unique approaches and strategies on UI and UX. These would, definitely be taking your projects and companies to heights of massive success. Get in touch with HASH and have your customized UI/UX of supreme quality.

    Web Development

    Hardly would be there one, who would deny the importance of Web Development. This if said as the foundation of your brand identity and criteria for measuring your accomplishment rate won’t be wrong. Covin Arrow highlights the Importance of an uncompromised website, in these words. -A bad website is a flat tire, you can not go anywhere until you change it. This needs to be given its due input to make your work stand out among your competitors. With HASH, you need to worry at all about it more. Take us on board, and outshine the marketplace with your astounding identity.

    Internet of Things

    The notion of the digital revolution and its ever-increasing upgradations is totally incomplete without mentioning a cornerstone to it; the Internet of Things. It does not just connect but also exchanges data over the systems ( varies upon execution requisites).

    IOT Platform

    Dashboard Development

    Dashboard is design to monitor multiple IOT devices data on cloud, you can monitor Devices Data, Customer Subscription, Add IOT Devices, Log data, and many more


    Octathorn is the name of quality and trust, on technological grounds. We provide automated solutions to your plights. Here you name any sort of problem, and we have a tech-based solution to it ready for you. Developmental services under Octathorn are not just limited to software but have a lot more to it; hardware (Product) development.

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     We provide automated solutions to your plights. Here you name any sort of problem, and we have a tech-based solution to it ready for you.