ERP (Enterprise resource planning)

ERP (Enterprise resource planning), is where integrated software suites are brought into use. Their main concern is automation and adding more to existing technical and technological areas. Given below are its applications we have for you Task management project Project management systems Clients and employee management Human Resource Management System Sales and purchase management systems

Advance Web Analytics and ERP Systems

Advanced Web Analytics is where the data of websites is scrapped based on its audience (clients and users) visit to the website. The observation and analysis of this information help higher authorities to know more about their content from the audience’s perspective. Polishing strengths and working on weaknesses assist in the attainment of desired results. …

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Industry 4.0

The whole concept of industry 4 is to link production, people, environment, and security. Industry 4 covers interconnectivity, automation, machine learning, and real-time data collectively for making it possible. This is an important pioneer concept of technological advancements. Listed below is its application we are providing. Cloud Solutions Cyber Security Embedded Softwares End to End …

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Embedded System Projects

Embedded systems can be used independently or be part of large systems for task accomplishments. This basically is software, integrated into electronic devices for performing some particular functions. Applications to it, we are providing are: Street light control embed system Health Monitoring Systems for houses Gaming Consoles Robotics Networking Devices (Modem, router devices, gateway devices, …

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